F5 12/1.3 kHz 15" Long Range Transmitter - 0.1% Pitch Fluid Pressure - Region Russia 4

The long-range DigiTrak F5 Fluid Pressure Transmitter (Model FPT) provides downhole fluid pressure monitoring up to 250 psi (1725 kPa). The drilling fluid pressure is measured through sensor ports located on the front end cap on either side of the index slot. The FPT is available in two dual-frequency configurations:  19.2 kHz/12 kHz and 12 kHz/1.3 kHz.  These transmitters have light-green tubes and incorporate a new mechanical design, in addition to the fluid pressure sensors.  The new design has a knurled battery cap that is not flush with the battery compartment, as the older version was.  With the cap installed, the overall length is still 15 in. (38.1 cm), but without the cap the length is 14.6 in. (37.08 cm).  Thus, the FPT transmitters are compatible with existing drill housings that accommodate 15 in. (38.1 cm) DigiTrak transmitters.  If using a tooling adapter, however, the new design will require a different adapter.  Also, the housings must allow fluid to flow to the sensor ports for measurement of the drilling fluid pressure.
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Products specifications
Locating System Compatibility F5®
Outside Diameter 1.25” (3.2 cm)