10" (250) Replaceable Wing PDC Hole Opener

The Vermeer-designed and manufactured line of replaceable wing PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) hole openers bring performance and reliability to consolidated rock bores.
Reper: 296501351
57.944,26 RON
Specificatii Produs
Dimensiuni Taiere (nominal) 250 mm (10")
Conexiune Fata 2.875" (7.3 cm) API Reg Box
Conexiune Spate 2.875" (7.3 cm) API Reg Box
Conditii de Sol Roca Moale
Roca Dura
Compatibilitate Model D24x40 Series II
D24x40 S3
D36x50 Series II
D36x50DR Series II
D40x55 S3
D40X55DR S3
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